Dimensions of Spiritual, Educational and Socio-welfare activities

Ramakrishna Tapovan’s core mission is guided by Swami Vivekananda's motto "Atmano Mokshartham, Jagad Hitaya Cha” (meaning “liberation of self and for the welfare of the world”) is echoed in each of its endeavors. Though actively spiritual at the outset, Ramakrishna Tapovan is deeply entrenched in the philosophy of alleviating the social divide and ensuring equitable opportunity for every one through education, health, and spiritual enlightenment. It is the belief that “when you serve humanity, you realize ultimate bliss” drives us to perpetually serve the society.


Ramakrishna Tapovan is deeply ingrained in spirituality. It is a firmly held belief that when your actions become spiritual, they become ultimate expressions of compassion and equitable co-existence. To inculcate such spirit in every one of us, the institution offers a multitude of spiritual activities in the form of:
  • Daily Arti, Pooja and Bhajans to invoke the supreme spirit.
  • Moral education to students to instill a sense of righteous living at early and impressionable age
  • Celebrating the Jayanthi of the Holy Trio along with prominent festivals to spread their significance in our lives.
  • Spiritual classes and discourses to condition mind and body towards attaining the ultimate freedom.
  • “Mane Manege Sri Ramakrishnara Sandesha” (meaning “spreading the holy message to every household”) – comprising discourses on the life, teachings and philosophy of Sri Thakur, Sri Maa and, Swamiji in local language Tulu and Sankirthan across the adjoining villages.
  • Spriritual classes and discourses to condition mind and body towards attaining the ultimate freedom.

Educational Initiatives

Conscious of the power education, the institution has embarked on comprehensive educational program to provide the necessary help to underprivileged students. It is believed that it would create a window of opportunities to students who otherwise would have been deprived of the right to proper education. The program has created:
  • Free hostel with all the modern amenities to create a right ambience for learning
  • A scheme of distributing note books and uniforms in village schools in the adjoining region, which has considerably eased monetary burden on parents.
  • Scholarship and Educational support to meritorious students from poor economic background
  • Special tuition classes to reinforce learning
  • Spoken English classes to improve language and communication skills
  • Special lectures and talks in schools and colleges to bring about greater awareness amongst students

Social and Cultural Activities

One of the most important dimensions of Ramakrishna Tapovan’s mission is societal elevation through welfare measures at grass-root levels. When people or citizens become self-reliant and enlightened, it invariably creates a healthy society. It is this thought that drives the Ashram to undertake several community welfare measures. So far, Ramakrishna Tapovan has successfully accomplished the following community-centric projects:
  • Computer Training Center to create digital awareness amongst students and communities, and bring them on par with the rest of the computer-literates.
  • Medical/health camps to provide specialty health care services to those who cannot afford at hospitals.
  • Distribution of sarees and meal plates to women in villages – which is an annual event on the occasion of Jeevanta Durga Pooja 11th March - consecration day.
  • Group insurance to provide financial security to macro-economic groups in villages.
  • National Youth Day in commemoration of the spirit of Swami Vivekananda, who believed in the immense potential of the youth.
  • Essay, Elocution, Quiz, Drawing and Fancy Dress Competitions to bring out creative expressions in the participants.
  • Music, Yakshagana, Bharathnatya and Yoga classes to help people realize inner potential
  • Maa Sarada Tailoring Training Center to provided Vocational training in stitching to rural women.
  • Women Empowerment and career guidance workshops to help women become self-reliant.
  • Swach Gram Abhiyana (hygiene in villages) to educate the importance of cleanliness and sanitation in villages.

Landmark event in the annals of Ramakrishna Tapovan

Due persistent effort for nearly 3 years and the grace of Sri Thakur and Sri Maa, the institution persuaded the Government to name the State Highway 101 – a stretch of 16 kms from Gurpur Kaikamba Dwara in NH13 to B.C.Road Kaikamba Dwara in NH48 – after Swami Vivekananda. The official naming ceremony (on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima on 12th June, 2014) coincided with the inauguration of a circle and bus shelter, also named after Swami Vivekananda.

The quest continues…

Ramakrishna Tapovan’s quest for societal welfare through spiritual, educational and cultural means knows no bounds. Every year, results are evaluated and novels ways to bring about societal welfare are thought of and duly implemented. Likewise, here is the plan outlay for the year ahead:
  • Pension scheme to help people sustain a decent living
  • Additional computer lab to reach out to more students in villages
  • Creation of a Mantap on water fountain for Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
  • Translating the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna into Tulu language to awaken people to spiritual enlightenment
  • Spreading Cleanliness Movement to more villages
  • Periodic Japa-Yajna (hymns and worship)
  • Providing better nourishment to students through nutritious milk and biscuits.

Contribute to a noble cause; make your lives relevant and meaningful.

Ramakrishna Tapovan has always had providential bliss in attaining its mission objectives – realizing spiritual and socio-economic accomplishments. While we are certain to bring about greater socio-economic transformation, it is all the more important that we continue to have monetary contribution from generous and service-minded individuals as well as organizations. More than the mere financial assistance, it is satisfaction of having contributed to a noble cause that will make your lives relevant and meaningful.