Sri Sarada Devi

Sri Sarada Devi is more popularly addressed as the “Holy Mother”, played a vital role in the life of Sri Ramakrishna and the Ramakrishna Movement. She is considered as an incarnation of the Divine Mother Kali. She was married at the age of five to Sri Ramakrishna who later imparted instructions on meditation and spiritual life. Sri Ramakrishna regarded Sri Sarada Devi as the incarnation of Divine Mother, who performed the Shodashi pooja where Sri Sarada Devi was made to sit in the seat of Goddess Kali and worshipped as Divine Mother.

She is regarded as Ramakrishna’s first disciple. Sri Sarada Devi received the highest reverence from the followers of Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna had bade her continue his mission after his death and wanted his disciples not to make any distinction between him and her. The hospitability, the compassion and the motherly love was the unique quality of the Holy Mother which are being experienced by millions of her children.