Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Sri Ramakrishna is a very fascinating spiritual master who has drawn the minds of millions of thirsty spiritual aspirants throughout the world. The main reason for the greatness of Sri Ramakrishna is his simplicity and practical approach to religion. He didn’t believe in theories or dogmas or logic, but religion for him was realization of God through direct experience and perception. It is an impossible task for anybody to find a substitute for Sri Ramakrishna.

He was able to attract millions of people into his fold through his practical man-making religion which has harmonized all the faiths. He accepted and practiced the essential teachings of all the religions of the world and realized the same truth everywhere; he said that only the paths and forms vary but the substance, i.e., God remains the same. Though he was beyond human comprehension and his experiences authenticated the teachings of the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and the Puranas, he never claimed that he was God, but his realization and experiences took him to the pinnacle of spirituality.

He was a great Jnani as well as a Bhakta. He stood for Sarvadharma Samanvaya and Sarvadharma Samanatva. It may be a futile exercise to understand Ramakrishna only with reading and writing. He being the Avatara Varista could be understood through sincere efforts, and by practicing his universal man-making religion. He belongs to the whole world. He was in essence a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Shakta, a Vaishnava, a Shaiva and so on. He realized the highest state of Brahmanhood. He did not confine spirituality to a selected few but was universal. He has shown to the world the greatness of motherhood by realizing the Divine Mother Kali in all the living and non-living beings. Sri Ramakrishna, an unlettered yogi, was a mystic saint and the hearing of very name of God threw him into trance.

The modern world needs the universal religion of Sri Ramakrishna, in order to remove hatred amongst religions, sects, castes, creeds, nations and so on. Universal peace, acceptance, toleration, brotherhood, love- these could be possible if everyone understands and follows the spiritual mind of Sri Ramakrishna. He is a modern prophet of universal religion. He did not reject the past culture or scriptures, but added values to the existing religion and made it universal which is acceptable to everyone.